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"Just wanted to express my feelings of positive thought and well-being after my treatment with Tanya. Suffering from a range of medical issues I wasn't expected to be healed in an instant but I was so pleased to have entered into a state of relaxation. I found myself totally unwound and in a considerable better frame of mind and all this from one treatment. Thank you Tanya and I hope others can experience your new found talents soon.  I will be back." Liz, Accounts Manger and Administrator


"Craniosacral with Tanya was one of the most profound and relaxing therapies I have experienced. I am accustomed to much a more manipulative or deep tissue treatment so it was refreshing and deeply satisfying to be able lay in a still body and feel Tanya speaking to the subtle energies.” Phil, Dance Artist & Life Coach

"I have suffered discomfort from a dislocated shoulder and a slipped disc for a number of years. I found that Tanya's treatment provided an almost immediately noticeable affect, reducing the pain and discomfort. Her excellent knowledge of further physiotherapy exercises (which I followed) has continued to strengthen and increase the flexibility of my back and damaged shoulder." Richard, 44, Communications - Asda.

"After one session my 6 month slept for 4 solid hours, before having Craniosacral with Tanya she had only ever slept for 2 hours max. Happy Baby= Happy Mummy." Vicci, Dance Lecturer.

"Tanya has the knack for creating a safe and generous space in which to exist and unwind for a while. Her touch, informed by a deep understanding of the body and a gentle but strong intuition, is a truly healing thing. Thanks Tanya!" Laura Dannequin, performer/choreographer, 35


"Initially, I was very skeptical about the nature of the treatment. At the time of my visit, my shoulder was injured and I couldn't really move the joint much. As soon as I stepped into the room, I felt like I was in a calm and safe environment for me to let go.  When I got to experience the session, I was very surprised as to how my body and head reacted. Tanya was very comforting all the way through and really helped me understand what I was going through without realising!

As I stepped out, I felt much lighter and calmer within myself and it made me aware of some of the things my body had stored and was carrying for a very long time. I really enjoyed my treatment with Tanya and would definitely recommend giving it a try." Carmen, 23.

"Before going to see Tanya, I'd never experienced any form of treatment like this before. I wanted to be as open minded as possible and allow whatever was going to happen to unfold. The treatment took me on a journey. My body moved physically and reacted emotionally without me prompting it to. In some ways it felt like an outer body experience but in fact I don't think I've ever felt more in tune with my body.

On reflection I can only summarise what my body was doing to itself as a deep morning stretch. Ironing out all the kinks and stresses that had built up in the body.  I imagine it is similar to how the body heals itself in a sleeping state. After the treatment I felt revitalised, taller, and more connected to my body".  Natalie, 20, Dance Artist.

'My experience of this therapy was one of feeling very relaxed.  It allowed me time in a very comfortable space to listen to the inner me.  Most surprising was when Tanya touched my feet and I could feel a connection with my back, almost as if she were touching my back.  A strange sensation only because it was new, though welcoming, relaxing enjoyable. I woulds recommend this to anyone.' Seline, 48, Disability Care Officer

"I just booked another session for next week. It's like chocolate -it always works. Tanya never fails me , I leave the session feeling more connected with myself, more trusting in myself and others, more vibrant and ready for the challenges of life." Tiia, Dance Lecturer.

"Tanya was amazing. I have never received a treatment like it before, she made me feel totally relaxed and at ease. I literally went home and slept like a baby! Tanya was able to explain to me what was happening and spoke about the treatment afterwards. Can't wait to have another session." Mary, Business Owner

"Had another session with Tanya this week and, as always, it feels like you've pressed the 'pause' button on life in order to allow the treatment realign you, both emotionally and physically. Tanya is a warm and intuitive practitioner who immediately puts you at ease, so that you can relax and allow the process to happen. I hadn't thought to mention that I had been running and had played tennis a few days before the treatment, yet Tanya picked up on the results of my exertions in my knees and my left shoulder (my playing arm!) - spooky! I had to take my 8-year-old with me and she sat patiently in a chair by the side of the couch while I had my treatment. However, by the time my session had finished, she was sound asleep!! The force is indeed strong with Tanya."  Anne, 44, Play Therapist

"Absolutely loved my first Cranio session with Tanya! I wasn't totally sure what to expect but Tanya is so welcoming and totally made me feel as ease. As well as easing the hideous tension from my neck and shoulders, the whole experience was completely relaxing and uplifting leading to the best nights sleep EVER! Will definitely be back shortly for my next session." Laura, Dance Lecturer


It really helped me come to Peace and offer a new perspective on inner workings of myself, my mind and Soul.  The sensation I got from this session really allowed me to boost forward in understanding myself and for the first time in my life gave a clarity that words won't justify.  Sheer magnificence and I really look forward to having my next session.

Keep doing what you do as it's such a Blessing to us all." Ben, TV Presenter.

"Tanya is one of those practitioners who has healing hands. She doesn't just go through the motions of the action, she properly feels it and it's like for an hour you're both connected. I actually started having Cranio following Tanya's recommendation before she'd even started her training - she had been having sessions and I'd seen a massive difference in her well-being and stress levels.

Once Tanya qualified I started going to see her and I couldn't recommend The Aya Practice enough. I leave feeling like I can take on the world and often, I'll go to an appointment and say everything's fine and by the end of the session I know I've been holding onto loads of stress that's just been released. It's hard to explain to people what Cranio is - I recommend Tanya to everyone I meet and all I can really say is that I lie on the bed and I've got the weight of the world weighing me down - I'm not feeling that good, I'm strung up and can barely move my neck and shoulders with stress and my body isn't working like it should be. And when I leave, I could skip through a grassy meadow and nothing can touch me. I feel better, more stable, more in tune with myself and any stress thrown my way kind of just melts away." Ellie, 41, Director of House of Health

"I enjoyed my treatment immensely. It was such a relief to have blocked energies released and now I feel the benefit of the system

feeling balanced and flowing in harmony.  The energies  affect so many areas of our body that we forget about especially when its a busy time. I think the Christmas period is a struggle for a lot of people and to have received such a professional hands on treatment is worth its weight in gold!!! Ursula, Health & Beauty Owner

"When I decide to have a session with Tanya, I was very lost emotionally in my life. I spoke briefly with her about what I was going through but I could never expect how much I was hiding from myself.  How much we can all live wrong sometimes... After the session, I felt release and united with myself. Tanya is the person to see and to speak with eyes closed.  She brings this nice vibes that allows you to break your emotional walls and be able to open yourself to her." Marie, Dance Artist

"Tanya’s cranio-sacral sessions are quite positively inexplicable as she guides the body to a new sense of freedom. Using a non-invasive hands-on technique she locates areas where something is not feeling quite balanced and gets to work in a very subtle and relaxed manner.


The changes and results are rather profound as you can feel your body relax, make connections and makes its own adjustments. It’s like the body is being given permission and it’s moment to undertake some necessary DIY that it has never had time to address. The sensations are like a softening and an unbinding of trapped tensions and energies, dispersing to places where they perhaps need to be or should actually belong. After a treatment I am different in many ways. My posture has improved, I move with ease, I think clearer - my body feels free, relieved, relaxed and happy – as do I.

Tanya jokes about the “JU-JU”, and it’s often said that “it’s not the Therapy, it’s the Therapist”. In both cases, I’d agree. This woman has an incredible intuition, a deep knowledge and power to improve your well-being. If that’s not “JU-JU”, I don’t know what is." Jen Wren, Physical Therapist 

"Tanya has a beautiful, warm, grounded presence filled with heart and humour. The stillness, sensitivity and natural-ness of her work allows you to drop into profound relaxation, and whatever comes up in you is met with a light-ness and care that enables a deep acceptance, opening and full integration." Issy, Dance Artist

"I wanted to get a  Craniosacral treatment from Tanya for a few reasons. I had never had one before so I was curious as to how it would benefit me, I had heard extremely positive feedback from my colleagues about their treatments with Tanya and I wanted to address a disconnection I was feeling in myself and was open to trying different therapies.

Tanya instantly made sure I was at my most comfortable by putting me physically and mentally at ease, letting me know that all I needed to do was to relax. Her manner was open-hearted and present whilst being focused and direct.

When Tanya placed her hands, first on my feet, I felt she was listening to the whole of me. At a slow pace, she listened and moved to different areas of my body, giving each moment her full attention and allowing things to happen as they occurred, with nothing forced. For example, at some parts of my body I could feel some resistance, even darkness, but Tanya stayed and tuned in until things started to shift. I remember a satisfying sense of relief creeping over me throughout the session as my body mass became really heavy into the bed. I trusted Tanya entirely, to help release certain energies and to meet and go through with me places that felt stuck.

What struck me was how generous Tanya was with her time - the session was over when it was over and happened organically.

Afterwards, the feeling I immediately had when I stood up was like my inside ‘currents' were like a river that flowed with no obstructions. Where there may have been ‘gateways’that I hadn’t even noticed, particularly where joints met, there was free-flowing energy. I was also extremely relaxed, internally, and this feeling lasted very strongly for about 3 days. I felt what I had experienced was a very powerful form of healing which was made possible by Tanya’s clearly natural ability to communicate with a person on a mental, physical and spiritual level. I would definitely like further treatments to see how things progress." Anna, Dance Artist

"My second time seeing Tanya and my body feels relaxed, re-energised, and content." Natalie, Dance Artist

"If you are feeling like in need of an uplift, if you are feeling slightly lost with yourself, if you are feeling your tank is empty, if you are feeling the stress is hitting the roof, or if you just feel like being nice to yourself and giving yourself a treat ... I highly recommend to book a session with Tanya and she will 'sort' you out. You will feel everything is possible again. Don't think about it -just do it! Something you will not regret. It is a wonderful experience , a personal experience , something special to you."

"I had the most wonderful session with Tanya. I left feeling the most relaxed and content than I had in a long time. I will definitely be back!! I can't recommend Tanya highly enough." Nikki, 39, DWP, Personal assistant

"I had a session with Tanya and I found it very beneficial. Tanya has a very professional, lovely and kind manner and I found the experience really helpful." Emma, Arts Producer and Project Manager

"I first heard of Cranio Sacral Therapy in 2009 whilst taking part in a Skinner Releasing Technique dance residency. There was a participant training to be a therapist and seduced me with her description of how this gentle technique can rebalance the body.


In 2006, during my second year of dance training I injured my neck - a slight rotation in one of the cervical vertebrae.   Something ultimately quite simple at first and potentially quickly and easily treatable evolved into an injury that has plagued me ever since, both physically and psychologically.

I’ve seen physiotherapists, Skeletal specialists, Osteopaths, chiropractors, been for deep tissue massage, acupuncture and spent time in floatation tanks!

Some treatments had greater effect than others, but none have seemed to have a long lasting impact. I just seemed to learn more about my body and become more and more frustrated and disheartened that these sensations I feel and pain I can experience will be with me forever.


2016 started and continued to be a difficult year for me following the deaths of a number of close relatives. Fortunately for me, Tanya was in training as a Cranio Sacral Therapist and I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients of the growing knowledge and wisdom she needed to implement. I came to Tanya with some fresh, and well buried emotional baggage and the time spent with her has enabled me to tap into and release some of this without fully being aware of it.


It’s very hard to describe the experience and can only fully understand and appreciate it once you have tried it. Initially I expected to feel more, or have more profound experiences but each time I met with Tanya the sensations I felt were calm and subtle. Colours, images and sensations come and go, and I tend to drift right towards the end of the session. I come out feeling lighter and balanced.


For me, immediate results are not what this therapy is about, and the benefits I have gained often go unnoticed until I notice them and realise how this has helped me feel rebalanced and connected.


I love my sessions with Tanya, She is so very easy to connect with. I feel drawn to CST when I’m feeling disconnected with myself or experiencing a sense of despair or sadness. As someone who struggles to talk about my emotions CST is a form of counseling, I’d recommend it to anyone!!" Rose, Programme Leader

"Tanya worked her magic on me recently - I had a lovely, relaxing therapy session with her and would highly recommend it. She helped me float away from the stress & anxiety I am dealing with just now & really got the energies flowing! Thank u Tanya", Alison, Primary School Teacher

"I went for Craniosacral therapy yesterday. I would highly recommend this therapist to anyone struggling with anything physical, emotional, or energetic. She's a lovely, intuitive woman with a wealth of experience of working with the body. I really felt the energy moving in all those places that hurt, including my teeth, ear, eye, neck, shoulders, hips, knees. It was as if she had become an invisible point of energy and had travelled inside and around my body. Incredible. Feeling a bit rough this morning, but I'd say that's to be expected when such deep work has taken place. Thank you so much Tanya Richam-Odoi"  

"I have just returned home from a wonderful session with Tanya. After a hectic week I couldn't recommend anything better than treating yourself to a session with her. She will help your body to regain its ability to heal and function properly again. And you leave her feeling reunited with your inner self." Tiia, Dance Lecturer

"This journey I went on with Tanya, was one of the deepest experiences I have had to connect with my own voice, my own truth and my own decisions and choices.

The treatment aligned my mind and body into the same space, opening up a deep level of listening which I have never accessed until that point in my life.


This constant process of receiving from the present moment and then letting it go at the same time, allowed me to understand the things and people I could not let go of, weighted issues that I was clinging onto. These things and people I was holding on dictate my ability to actually listen to myself even in a space of physical stillness, so who knows what effect it was having of my day to day life.


One image that occurred within the treatment was a hand that was holding onto a glass, my desire to let go of the glass and let it drop was so strong, but my fear to let it go was stronger.  My fear of seeing the glass broken on the floor drove me to actually hold onto it harder and harder until I was cutting my own hand with this glass.  Although there was no exchange Tanya could see at this point I was clearly struggling with something and simply said, 'let it go'.


This gave me to the consent to let the glass go and I was suddenly able to see the effects of holding onto this thing and the damage it had done to me.


I had clarity. I had opinions. I had a perspective. I had the freedom to listen to myself.

Strangely, for the first time I understood myself and this allowed me to look at the relationships I share with the people and world around me.


If I could sum up my time with Tanya in three words it would be, freeing, deep and healing.


If could describe what the experience was for me in it would be relaxing into the unexperienced self." Jack, Dance Artist & Photographer


'During the session, nothing out of the ordinary happened, bar a bit of head moving and arm twitching. But I definitely felt a secure difference directly after.

I felt aligned; taller and straighter if that's possible. My recurring hip pain stopped hurting as much, and I 'felt' more 'with it'. Super focussed in my own head. I found my breathing was slower and calmer, I was thinking about my breathing for a good hour afterwards.

My digestive system worked perfectly for days. I felt like I had done a weeks worth of bikram yoga and I felt good. Think the biggest thing was giving myself the time to be still. To breathe without an agenda. To just be. It was a good experience and I'd defo recommend it to others, in fact already have!'

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