Craniosacral Therapy is a non-manipulative treatment, which stems from Cranial Osteopathy.  It is a practice that considers the entire person as a connected whole, physically, emotionally and energetically.

Practitioners use light hand contacts to detect areas of tension, blockages and imbalance, within the body.  By assisting the body's natural healing mechanisms, relaxation, release and further healing are promoted.

During a session, a case history is taken, and clients lie or sit, fully clothed.  The practitioner will work with the skull and the base of the spine, but may move to other areas relevant to the treatment.


Clients choose Craniosacral Therapy to help address an exhaustive list of conditions and symptoms.  These include - 

Physical Pain

Recent or recurring injuries, sciatica, whiplash, back, neck and shoulder pain, strains and pulled muscles.


General Health

Migraines and headaches, digestive and menstrual issues, tinnitus, vertigo and middle ear problems, effects of dental work, jaw problems (TMJ), lethargy tiredness and exhaustion, asthma and sinusitis

Nervous System

Stress, anxiety, depression, nervous tension, emotional upsets, fibromyalgia

Shock and Trauma

Effects and impact of major/minor accidents, pre/post surgery care, PTSD

Mothers & Babies

Physical and emotional support, for expectant mums before, during and after pregnancy

Symptoms associated with birthing trauma - colic, sleep disturbances, restlessness, hyperactivity, latching on difficulties and excessive crying, can be addressed in babies. 






Prices are £50 for adults and  £40 for children.  

Initial consultations last up to 90 minutes.

 Following sessions are up to 60 minutes.